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Although my website be wee,

A sitemap finds things easily.

And what's more important than an artist's menagerie?

Home is where the Donna Liguria Art is

My art gallery by topic

My Gallery of paintings of Virginia, DC and around the world

My Gallery of trees, flowers, and landscape paintings

My Gallery of paintings of oceans, rivers, ponds and lakes

My collection of paintings on all creatures great and small, including pet portraits

My painting collection of still life and other things 

My collection of people in paintings

My Mini Gallery of paintings 3x4 or under

A little about Donna the artist

Information needed when you want to commission artwork from me

Basic canvas sizes to chose from

Photos for a Commission

Coming soon

My art events coming up - at OSA, PWAS, MAG, etc. Shows I'm interested in

Art shows and other art things

My past art events

My past art events

My past art events

Donna's art news, achievements, happy happenings

What things I paint

DonnasCavePainting Blog

Being social - Follow Me! Very often, I follow ARTISTS and ART Businesses back!

I LOVE to see the faces of the NEW owners of my art!

Answers to questions you may want to ask me

How to contact me

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