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More info is needed about your Commission Request...

Great! You are interested in con​tacting me for a commission, thank you! But there are a few things I need to know BEFORE, or at least when you contact me. The FAQs may also help you to know more about what I do, too.

Size of the Painting?

The size of the desired painting is a major factor in a Commission. Click the button below to see common Canvas Sizes to help in your decision.

  • I can suggest a best fit size, if desired, especially after seeing a photo.
  • Artistic license is defined as "an artist is accorded leeway in his or her interpretation of something and is not held strictly accountable for accuracy." Artists are fond of this.

January 2023 - Commissions are Open!​

Artist Statement: I do not at this time paint portraits of people. As you can tell from my Gallery pages, my preferences are to paint animals, nature, houses, landscapes, water, etc. Pet portraits are welcome.

Do you have Photographs of your Subject to be Painted?

Having good quality reference photos help both the artist and the client's expectations when communicating the subject of the Commission.

Where are you located? This is something I must know in order to know how the painting is getting to you. With the costs of shipping these days...the cost must be considered.

Your Full Name*

Your Address (City, State, Country)

Email Address*

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When do you need the Painting?

Many artists will post when they are taking Commissions with "Commissions Open" or "Commissions Closed" which I will do as needed too. Realize that although painting in acrylics - which dry fairly quickly, there is still a curing period at various steps and varnishing when it is completed. If a holiday or gifting is pending and a commission is needed by a specific date, I'll let you know if it can be completed in time. Also, time would need to be considered if shipping!

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